My Normal Life

Professor Xavier

I feel that I am always on time. That is why the very few times I am late, I almost don’t even want to show up. I did not want to miss my class, though. Improving my education is very important. I need to add to my knowledge and skills so I can one day decide what to finally do with my life.
I don’t even know why I was late. I could blame it on traffic. Blame it on the fact that every driver seemed to be driving exactly the speed limit. Or that I was getting caught by every traffic light on my way. I could also admit that I couldn’t draw myself away from my television, even though remotes these days have what it called a PAUSE button and my program would be waiting for me.
It was only five minutes past the start time, so I don’t believe I’ll have missed much. As I quietly sneak in, I notice it’s eerily quiet in the room. Too quiet. Sliding into my seat, I look around the room and notice everyone is quizzically staring at an object. I follow my neighbors gaze and I see Professor Xavier staring at the ceiling. He is also speaking. But who is he speaking to? Is he talking to us, while looking up? Is his rambling nonsense as he gazes at the emptiness above?
I can see a few people waving their hands as they try to grab his attention. Greg even sheepishly raises his hand to ask Professor Xavier what he’s looking at. But nothing seems to work. I am still searching above for what he is so drawn to. I was never good at finding Waldo, so I don’t think I will find his “nothing”.
I hear a few people talk like they are about to give up, like he’s wasting our time and leave when suddenly, fifteen eternal minutes later, he drops his gazes and blinks at us.
“My apologies students. I was only trying to figure out how I could save more on my car insurance by switching to Geicko.”


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