What is Love?

When Mary Met John

Mary met John on her first date in over a year. Was romance supposed to happen? Mary didn’t share the same feelings that John has. Or perhaps John fell too much in love with Mary too fast. He began talking about wanting children and a house on their third date. She has heard of love at first site, but she felt, at times, not connect with John. Mary loves John, but why is it all there one day, but leaves her heart the next? Why does Mary feel like she wants to punch him in the face if he even speaks another word about science, the one thing he loves as much as her, and always seems to want to fill her head with? Whenever she’s alone, she cannot help looking around her, thinking maybe she is meant for a new John. But when she has these thoughts in her mind, her John finds his way back into her head, confessing his undying love, and she can’t help feeling like she must not leave him, or else she will be missing the most important piece of herself.


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