My Normal Life


My brother is such a dork. I can’t stand to be around him. But I feel that my parents are always trying to make his head get bigger and bigger every day. They are always filling it with “Great job son!”s and “marvelous report card”s. It’s like he could do no more than he seems to. Wuliem needs to just stop already. This is his senior year and all he does is work with those science geeks in their science “club.” They’re assigned to come up with some sort of new “discovery” thing, whatever that is. But you want to know what I think; I think their trying to take over the world. I really do. I pay more attention to some of the things that they’ve been putting together. I’ve been spying on them in the garage. That big machine that they’ve been working on all year doesn’t look like a bug repellent object that they keep telling everyone it is. To me, it looks like an atom bomb machine, the type that I’ve seen on the History Channel. But where would they get all the complicated objects that they need to put something like this together? If I remember correctly, Jado’s dad works for some portion of the army. Or Home Depot, maybe. There was one night that they were all out late at “Pizza Hut”, like they told my parents, I think they were really sneaking into a secret underground business Mr. Hinto’s has. Yeah, I know about this. I know how to follow people. I have been getting better at it. I knew my secret detective kits that I had gotten for my birthday would come in handy one day. He may have inherited the science genes, but I feel that I really was born more the detective type. I was growing suspicious of why they always felt the need to do their science “homework” at a Pizza Hut once a week. If I was in Advance Chemistry, I would have my laboratory in a person’s basement or garage, but that’s just me. How is a person to blow something up in a family restaurant? But I digress. I follow them as best as I can, I can’t really do a great job since I’m in our moms orange sedan, so I try to stay two cars behind the green Saturn I had seen the four of them get into. Wuliem and Jado are the only two I knew. The other guys I have seen, but I do not believe I have ever been formally introduced to. A little rude if you ask me. When they pull into the parking lot, I decide to I’ll slyly drive around the block, give them time to situate themselves. As I’m making my circle, I begin to think how I’m even going to see what they’re doing. I can’t go in as my brother will see me and wonder what I am doing out alone. It’s a school night, not very safe for sixteen year old ladies to be out “on their own”, he’ll think. I know I’m grown up enough. I have a part time job at grandma’s flower shop after all. If I know how to put together wedding bouquets of lavenders and lilies in one day for two different overly demanding families whose mothers and brides call every half hour changing their minds about something, then I think I know how to handle myself.
As I pull up to Pizza Hut, I’m still thinking how I’m going to figure out his Taking Over the World meeting. I knew I should have called Vallery. She loves when I’m out past curfew, especially when out following my brother. I know she’s had a huge major crush on him since junior high. I try to walk as slyly as I can over to his car in the well lite parking lot. Looking in his windows, I can see that he left his backpack in the back seat. Now, why would he want to leave this in his car when the whole purpose of being here was for his club? All of his sloppy science notes are in his backpack, which I know I shouldn’t look through daily. I just try to make it seem like the cat was in there, like he’s always in my backpack. How am I to find out what his domination plans are if I don’t keep my eye on him, though? I look at my reflection in his car as I continue to think and then it hits me: spare car key! I remember he has one stuck under his driver side door, since he’s constantly locking his keys inside. For having such marvelous report cards, my brother really can be a dumbass at times.
Reaching under the driver side, I began to wonder how thrilled the Dailey Tribune will be when I call them to tell them a high school science club is trying to take over the world! I know I will get the front page for sure.
Suddenly, I hear voices behind me. I recognize my brother anywhere. I’m forced to listen to him talk about nonsense at dinner so I’d be able to pick out his annoying voice in a room full of Fran Dressars. How can they finish food that quickly? Unless, they were just picking up their pizza; how could I have not thought this through! I can’t possibly get back to my car without him seeing me. Maybe, I can just tell him mom had let me make a trip to7-11 to clear my brain while I was doing my Math homework, since he wasn’t home to help me with it (grrrrrr).
“What are you doing here?” I hear Wuliem saying behind me. I guess I had been trying to think of an escape for too long.
“I, uh, was just out for…my nightly coff-slurpee! And I happened to see your mobile here.” I quickly thought.
“Okay. But 7-11 is down the street.” I could see his fellows also starting to look questionably at me. I should have thought of a backup plan. All detectives have back up plans.
“Err, I had seen your car, and mom wanted me to stop and remind you something.” I can be just as genius as you my brother. You will be stopped, just you wait.
They all continued to look at me, as if waiting for me to continue speaking. I just stared back; I could see they were wanting a staring contest, which they would lose. I was the champion of these. After a few quiet seconds, Wuliem continued, “And mother wanted you to ask me….?”
Blast. I hadn’t quite thought this far. What could our mom possible want me to follow her pride and joy for to ask a simple question when all she could do is call him and hear his lovely voice? My brain was filling with too many thoughts too fast to throw at him, I couldn’t think of anything. I feel he could tell by my face, since I do have a rather obvious thinking face, the way one eyebrow arches slowly and I make a very slight, small smile.
“Could you excuse us gentleman,” I hear my brother say to his friends. I watch as they give me a sly glance but slowly walk back towards Pizza Hut. I wonder now what my brothers going to do? He must know why I’m here. Is this the end of me? I haven’t even been able to wear my homecoming dress yet!
“Harper, now that my gentleman friends are gone, you and I are going to have a little chat.”
The way his eyes are on me, squinted in a stern way that is starting to make me feel uneasy. I continued to stare at him, thinking of what to say. He couldn’t possibly think I was trying to end his groups plot to take over the world, could he? I know I over analyzed everything, but my brother wasn’t always the brightest bulb in the bunch. Or was he?
“Okay, let’s chat.” I tried not to look directly at him. I wanted it to seem like I had no idea what he was trying to talk about, even though I knew he was going to tell me that the knowledge I had of his group was too much.
“Harper, my dear, dear sister. I think you being here this late at night, is not a good thing. I know that you’re always over thinking my guys and me, but I think I have finally figured something about why you’re always tagging along. And don’t think I don’t always see you,” I had tried not to look at him. I knew I should have used our dad’s car to follow. To use our fathers, though, it’s like I have to loan him my kidney for the night and not go more than a block away.
He had continued his rambling. I had gotten good at blocking him out, since he did like to talk about nothing a lot, “I know you’re at that awkward stage in your life when you’re afraid to admit a lot of things. We all are. Heck, I even have a hard time approaching people. But, my dear, sweet little sister, I can tell Jado that you like him. I can tell him that you want to go on a date with him.”
I continued to look at him a moment as this all went through my head. The only reason he thought I was here was to see Jado, not to stop them from taking over the world? My dear, sweet stupid brother. For being such a genius, you’re really not that bright at times.
I hung my head for a moment before saying “Yes, I do like Jado. I just haven’t wanted to tell anyone because I never thought a senior would want to date a junior. I never knew how to tell him either! He’s the first guy I’ve ever liked!”
“Well, little sis, I can tell him for you. I think he likes you too. He does talk about you.”
I continued to look my brother in the eyes with a happy little face. I knew I had made my way in. I now knew I could stop him from taking over the world.

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