My Normal Life

A Day In The Life Of Luda

I will never understand why C-Lo feels the need to try and get her out of bed at this hour.  He should know by now that she will not get out bed by him just walking all over her, trying to knee his way under her covers.  She doesn’t feed us until that object I always see her speaking into makes that same noise every day.  I believe she called it an alarm one time, though I don’t know why she cannot just wake up whenever she wants.  I do.  That is one of the perks of being a cat, I suppose.  I watch her when she’s awake for her first alarm.  I hear it go off twice, I never know why that annoying object has to make that much noise.  I would think that if she was out of bed once, she would be awake and delighted to see us.  She usually gives us a happy greeting, her first waking, but I’m not even sure if she’s entirely all there yet.
I do see why she would be so grumpy with C-Lo at her first waking.  With him already talking her ear off as soon as her feet hit the floor, there would be no smile on my face.  I am not a conversation feline in the morning.  He also doesn’t allow her to walk a straight line, the way he’s weaving between her legs.  Let the woman use the bathroom for peats sake!  And she will feed you!  Your stomach already jiggles from side to side as you trot across the front room, so I do not think you’re a starving animal.
I know I’m happy to see her when she’s awake, but I will not sink down to his level.  Of course, whenever she reaches over to me, rubs my ears and under my chin, I cannot resist this love.  I can never resist her this way.  My purrs make their way out in such a loud way that I never want her to stop.  But, alas, I know she cannot do this all day. I know how to respect her.  I am the “good” cat.
Her breakfast doesn’t look quite as delicious as what she gives me every day, those crunchy chicken fish bites.  One would think she could change it up a bit, but no, no, I understand.  Slaving over a stove does seem too hard for her, so why would she want to do it for us cats? Maybe if I sneak onto the table while she’s eating her waffles, I can give her my little “I love you more than anything in this whole wide world,” gaze.  I could try to throw in my sad, kitty eyes.  I know that looking from the waffle to her I will get one.  She finally takes a glance from her magazine for a moment; I begin to feel a ruffling in my stomach.  As our eyes meet, I hold onto her stare.  “Give me your waffle….your waffle is mine…”  I think loudly to her.  I can never purr as loud as C-Lo.  I see her remove a small corner and place it in front of me.  Success!  I have her trained so well.  I must give it a quick smell first to see if it’s even anything I’ll enjoy.  She doesn’t seem to get any flavors I would like yet. And it’s what I thought; chocolate.  Oh well.  I know C-Lo will eat it.  He eats everything. 
Perhaps one day I shall be able to escape. I know she can’t pay attention to everything when she’s leaving the house.  She’s not always the brightest.  Plus, whenever she’s trying to leave the house with so many objects in her hand that is when I could make my run for the door.  Us cats are very fast.  Well, I know I am.  Fatty (as I hear her call him at times) isn’t always the fastest bolt in the clouds. I was out there once.  There was so much for me to learn in those brief seconds as she panicked for my absence that I couldn’t take in everything.  I’m not even sure if I would want to stay out there in wild America.  The noises I could hear of loud roaring in the distance, of what I did not know. I know I had heard all those before when I had been inside that beast of hers on my way to see that dreadful gentleman who I never wanted to see again.  I would hide for days after she took me to see him, for why I still never understand. The way he felt he could touch me in all my personal places with his cold hands.  I knew when she was taking me to see him.  She would bring out this box that she felt her need to trap me in.  C-Lo would see her bring the box out and run to it with joy.  He seemed to love lying in the box that I feared with more than life itself.  I, on the other hand, would dash off to one of my hiding places.  I believe I need to start finding new ones as she seems to know where they all are. 
I am always one to wander over when she is on the couch with her computer, just to take a look. I know she won’t mind.  What’s all this on her screen supposed to mean?  Who are all these people she’s reading about?  They have nothing to do with me.  I don’t see any of my pictures.  Plus, her computer is in the way of my one favorite spot to curl up. Her legs are my cushions that I will just continue to make myself comfortable on.  One day I am sure she will understand this. 
I am always met with her quizzical stare when I’m trying to fall asleep beside the fireplace I transfer to.  I have had such an exhausting day and I cannot give her anymore love right at this moment, but I’m sure I will show her some in maybe an hour.  I need some more beauty rest.  She herself should know that we cats need our sixteen hours of sleep.  I also know that she isn’t going to bed for another hour, so I must make sure I have enough energy because I believe C-Lo and I have a lot planned for later tonight just as she has laid down to being her beauty rest.  I am just showing her my love, in my best way possible.


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