My Normal Life

My Best Decisions

I don’t know how to write about my best decision is my life.  I don’t know if I’ve even made one.  So far, I haven’t accomplished a lot of my bucket list.  I sometimes think I made my bucket list too big.  I also know that in times today, getting out of bed for some can be hard.  I do make myself do that, mostly to use the bathroom, and also to silence my cat.  My fatty wanders around, crying away at the crack of dawn like he’s starving.  I only live with my two cats, C-Lo and Luda. So I do not feel odd if I am out of bed with no pants on.  This can be a benefit of living alone.  Why, I do not know.  Tis relaxing at times.  I realized the other day that I have lived on my own for a year, and still have yet to find work. These times are hard but I shall not stop hunting.  But, as I hunt, I will enjoy my days in my new home.  I will continue to grow up, as I do not have any idea how.  I am learning that my drill has two different bit pieces for it; one that actually DRILLS a hole and another that helps to SCREW a screw. I do not recall how many times I needed to use my drill before I remembered which bit was which bit.

I love my parents.  I felt, though, that I was not their little girl anymore. Watching the world around me, I thought that I wasn’t growing up fast enough.  I could see that every person around me was finding their own path to wander down, yet I seemed to be stuck and did not know where to go.  I knew that I was an adult, I had no rules to obey, yet I still felt like I could not do whatever I wanted.  I still felt like I had to ask permission to be out past my “bed time.”

I have no idea what my best decision is.  


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