My Normal Life

Snow Flurries Approaching

What bothered me this weekend? The weather bothered me this weekend. I could tell there was a storm approaching by gazing up at the clouds, viewing my weather blogs. I don’t usually dread snow. I like snow. I have fun building snow men. I don’t complain about having to shovel it. My driveway is not long, so it is not a hard task. To me, it’s a small workout. But, this winter storm that was approaching, I knew I would dread. There was no way I could put him off.

The clouds were a light grey Friday morning, but the newscaster warned us that they would be heavier, darker later. There are certain types of snow that I like and certain that I do not. The light, fluffy kinds that float down slow and steady, and seem to stick to nothing; those are the ones for me. They seem to give a feeling of calm. But then there are the heavy flakes that attach themselves to everything. He sticks to you like glue. You can scrape him off your car, and then minutes later you must scrape your car again. You can’t seem to get him to just stay away, no matter how many times you shovel him.

Will this snow ever stop? I feel like he’s been hovering all weekend. It’s a heavy hovering. I already shoveled and sprinkled some salt. I thought I had stopped him properly, but this persistent winter is smart. My sun needs to shine upon the horizon. Perhaps that will help me rid my life of my snow, my sorrows, and help me to find my flowers.


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