My Normal Life

Your Windows Will Shine

The weather outside is delightful, some would think.  I do know that a lot are dreading to have to be out there tomorrow. This is what actually makes me glad I do not work.  I hope no one thinks it’s weird that I like shoveling my snow.  I don’t know why.

I know I was seeing all the dreads about having to be out in this storm tomorrow.  But put yourself in another person’s shoes.  Imagine if you didn’t have such a cozy, warm building job.  What if, perhaps, you were the window washer?

Windows collect dirt like a shelf collects dust; wind blows it along while the moist air helps it to stick.  Birds are also the little culprits, just letting their business drop as they fly by, not caring where it lands.  So, these poor window washers just shuffle along, one window after window, rain or shine.

You must also think about the ones that put their lives on the line.  They want the sun to shine for the executives on the 48th floor.  They hang their boards on ropes, strap themselves in and spray then scrape that dirt away.  Only a real man could do that.

So, we thank you window washers, because without you, there would be no sun shiny day.


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