My Normal Life

Wrestling With Life

Whenever I see a commercial for the WWF, I always wonder if these guy are really wrestling. The few times that I’ve actually watched them wrestling on TV, granted not in its entirety, I always wonder how real it is. I’ve been to a high school wrestling match in the past and those boys do not do the same things that I have seen these men do. They aren’t thrown from side to side, tossed into the air and slammed onto the mat. They do not run into each other’s arms, or hold their legs back until they scream for the guy to stop.

One other thing is, when two young men are wrestling, another member of the team can’t just come running onto the mat and throw the opposing guy off. I just do not get it. But, if you bring this up to the people who are the huge fans, that it’s all a ruse, that it’s all fake, oh man is there a war about to be had. Yes, the men are thrashing about with each other. Yes, they are wrestling around. But, can it really be “wrestling”? I also wonder why if the WWF have woman who wrestle, why there aren’t women in normal wrestling. Unless I just don’t pay attention. My high school didn’t have a girls wrestling team, and I don’t think there’s a woman’s wrestling in the Olympics.

Watching my judge shows all day can be very relaxing. They make me realize how petty people can be these days. People sue each other over the most ridiculous things. A lot of times, their cases make sense, but the plaintiff does have the evidence they need to win the case.
They seem to help me down the road to finding my escape. I’m dying to get out of my house that I’m stuck in at times because someone else holds the key. I’ve got to get out of here. I am stuck inside this rut that I’ve fallen into by mistake. People say everything happens for a reason, but why did all of this happen to me? I wonder this every day.

I’m still trying to figure out how to write about my best decisions in life. I don’t know if I’ve even made one. So far, I haven’t accomplished anything on my bucket list. I sometimes think I made that list too big. I know that in today’s times, getting out of bed for some is hard. I make myself do that, mostly just to use the bathroom, and also to silence my cat. My fatty wanders around, crying at the crack of dawn like he’s starving. I only live with two cats, so I do not feel odd if I am out of bed with no pants on. This is another benefit of living alone. Why, I do not know. Tis relaxing at times.

I have learned from living on my own that my drill has two different pieces for it; one that actually DRILLS the hole and another that helps to SCREW a screw. I do not recall how many times I needed to use my drill before I figured out which bit was which bit.

I have no idea what my best decision will ever be.


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