What is Love?

5 Ways to Win My Heart

I have a simple heart. You might say that I’m easy. I am not that difficult a person to win over. In these five easy steps, I can be yours. I am that simple:

1. At times; all you have to do is gaze at me with your deep, hazel eyes. If you were to look at me and smile at me, there might just be a connection in our atmosphere that is trying to pull its two people that were put on this Earth together. With your eyes, I cannot look away. You have me at more than hello.

2. I remember once dating a guy whose last name it took me forever to learn. I never wanted to keep asking him, though. On the second date, it’s one thing to, perhaps, maybe not recall a person’s last name. But, if you have been on seven or eight dates with the same person, most people remember most of what has all been discussed. Especially the persons last name. I am not good with people’s names. Unless you have an unusual one or you’ve somehow made yourself standout to me, I will not remember what your common, American name is!

Most understand. I don’t even think they notice. But, try to understand that just because you told me something extremely important about your family, do not get upset if I bring up an inappropriate subject about them about them a month later. I am not doing it intentionally. I have everything I’m trying to fall in love with you about buried somewhere amongst the huge pile of gibberish already in my head. So, don’t expect me to remember every little detail about you. Besides, isn’t the whole point of dating to learn?

3. The first week I moved into my new house I went to the grocery store. I had looked through my recipe books (that I had stolen from my parents) searching for some simple, fun looking meals for the week. I had so much fun carefully selecting what I hoped was the correct meats and spices.
After coming home, I carefully planned out my cooking schedule for the next week. I could hardly wait until the next day when I would begin down the road towards being an adult.

Fast forward one year and I still have no idea how to tell if my hamburger has been cooked, my spaghetti tastes like glue and I’ve had to throw out more milk and bread than I’ve consumed. So, please; you must at least know the basics of Betty Crocker because even I grow tired of Hungry Howie’s once in a great while.

4. The other day I actually broke the handle on my refrigerator. It just decided to snap off at the top. I have never seen that before. I luckily had some super glue. I carefully put a few drops where they need be and went along with my day.

Later, I came along to give my door a gander, to make sure she was healing alright. Well, after a few open and closes, the same damn thing happened! She unsnapped like I didn’t even do anything. This glue was super in no way to me. I gave it another glob of super and Elmer’s glue this time though. I think I even tried modge podge. Three days later, she still would not hold! Masking tape is all that held her in.

When I finally called my dad in dire need, he didn’t come over to fix my problem. He came over to show me how to fix it. He let me do everything, but with instructions.

This is how I like my help. I like to be taught. So teach me, and I will love you even more.

5. The other day, I was mad about something. I don’t remember exactly what made me so upset. It must have been something so tiny because I can, at times just blow up over nothing. Then again, the same thing can happen days later and I just “meh” about it.

Love me if I have an attitude. Love me when I’m rude. I will apologize. You must be calm with me. I get hyped up about the oddest things at times. Please don’t be upset with me when I’m upset about everything that’s going on in this world that I know I cannot fix. I will be over my issue in a few minutes. You can keep me calm.

So, if you can follow these simple guidelines, then you have won my heart.


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