What is Love?

My Ship Has Sailed

We all have our past romances. I sometimes wonder, what if I had not given up on that one. Maybe I would not have made anymore mistakes. I still find him, roaming around in my lost forest of a head. It’s not bad that I overlook his Facebook still, is it? Sadly, though, someone else is lucky to gaze upon him everyday. And even the fact that he updated his information was a surprise to me, since he’s not an “update status” everyday type of guy.

I wasn’t in love with him. We were still fairly new. We had just started to see each other. I, of course, was the one who blew him away from me. Why, I still regret. The fact that I still remember his name, last name included, is a good thing. It keeps telling me that I should have emailed or Facebooked him, maybe even knocked on his door. His street is one frequently pass when I have to see a doctor. Driving past that road still makes my heart skip a beat.

My hopes went down, though, when I did see his status. I know that I have had two years to get him to find me again. I came up with an excuse. Excuses that I now regret. My ship has apparently sailed. I do have this thought in my head, though, that I should find myself a row boat, and set sail for him. All of the water in this Great Lake State are not too big for me to find my true love.

His relationships won’t last forever. Not in my row boat anyway.


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