My Normal Life

Motivated Happy Person

I should be in my writing room right now.  Writing in my comfy little chair.  I designated it my thinking room.  This tablet is now new my little tool.  I should have gotten a pen for it.  I do like the key board, though.  I also should have given, Andy I think his name was, my number.  He was a lot of help.  I would go back to Best Buy today, three days later, but I’m having one of my “I’m Really Ugly” days.

Why does a girl feel fat one day but then feel like she’s the hottest woman on the planet another?  Some days, I look in the mirror and I see one version of myself, where I look fantastic and amazing.  I couldn’t possibly look any hotter.  Then the next, it’s like I’m looking at a completely different person.  Nothing will fit me, it’s like I have no pants at all.

I know I will never be perfect.  But who is really the perfect one in this world?  No one.  There is no precise person out there.  There is no person that we are all to live up to.  I’m sure we all know what we wish we looked like every day. But just look like you.  You are beautiful.  No matter what people say.

Usually, the ones who are putting others down are probably having a difficult time keeping emotions up.  They just want to help boost their esteem, in the difficult way.  This is how I see it, anyway.  I will admit, I do this from time to time.  We all do.

I’m trying to be a motivated, happy person.  I am trying to look on the positive side of the horizon.  This is not easy for me.  I know how to smile and be Miss Sunshine on my hot woman days.  On my ugly sweat pants days, though, I don’t even want to leave my bed.  But I do.  Every single day.


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