My Normal Life

Speed Dating

I have decided to take a leap back into the wild tonight and hunt for my new mate. It is time for him to find me. Bowling is the best way to find your match. That’s what the web decides for me anyway. There also better be my correct mate thirty minutes away in Novi. I have this dreaded feeling deep inside my always overly negative self that if I am to find a wonderful man, that even if we have such a wonderful evening while bowling with all these other people he lives on the other half of Novi. Me being me, I have no idea what’s over there, though.

I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and am still unaware of all that is within my cities limits. I keep forgetting that Roseville goes all the way to Lake Saint Clair and is also another eight mile city limit city. I know, this is what a map is for.

I have been to a Speed Dating function in my past. I like that us woman get to sit and the guys have to get up and move. This gives me a chance to give them another “look”. I get to take notes as they move onto the next table. I do need to take notes since I am not a name and face person. I cannot remember names. I must write down something that sticks out to me about someone. If you have a unique name, then I remember that. But, if you’re name is like mine and in the top ten, then you may not stand out to me. I will remember how you smell, since I do love the odor that men seem to have. I of course make sure that I myself have the nice smell of the day, even though I never know what I am ever really giving off.

I do feel like tonight will be a test. A test that I have been studying for, for a long enough time. I feel that I have been ready but have not been given the grade that I deserve. I feel that I am due for my “A”. I am one person who has yet to pass, but has been trying very hard. I deserve my prince to post on my fridge.


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