What is Love?

I Can’t Find Waldo

Thirty days has September, yet the best month throughout the year seems to be able to make its point in only twenty-eight.  Twenty-nine when it chooses to leap.  This is the month that I made my debut.  The month that the world received such a fabulous…me. 

I still sit and think, though, that I have not achieved the goals I have set for myself.  I have not set foot in all fifty states.  I have never been to any foreign land.  I don’t know if I will achieve any that I have set for myself.  I want to, yet when I feel that already bring half way through my life, how am I supposed to complete my top ten?

We all know that my number one goal is to find whoever that one true person is.  I keep hating to hear that “As soon as you stop looking…” blah-blah because I am not the type that stops looking for what she wants.  I search and search for Waldo until I find him.  I’ve been working on some of the same word puzzles for weeks, yet I have not completed them.  I will not stop my hunt for this love of my life.  I cannot remember what I did yesterday, yet he seems to not want to leave my mind.  Jerk.

I look at the negative aspect of everything then wonder why the good part didn’t happen when it was over.  I don’t know how to be Ms. Positive.   I know how to put a smile on my face, though, to make it seem like life has not affected me.  It’s called acting.  One thing I did learn in high school.  I just wish they would have taught me how to cook or sew a tear in my favorite sweater.  They teach you all about the pathagarium theorem, but never how to do your own laundry or mow your own lawn.  Thank you so very much Board of Education for helping to become a single, thirty year old.  I can now continue on to be the grumpy old lady I have so long known I would be.


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