My Normal Life

I Was Given Three Words

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but I feel that sapphires are more of my favorite gem.  I’ve always wanted one.  Though my birth stone will always be my favorite, since purple is my favorite color.  I see a sapphire, and I think of my grandmother.  The sapphire is the birthstone of all born in September, the month my Grandma Norma was born.  I will always love her.  I still talk to her.  She is in her little pink box upon my parents’ mantel.  I anoint her with her cap on her birthday; give her a wreath when Christmas is here.  And when I see a beautiful sapphire, she is who comes to my mind, always and forever.

Now, I love my stapler. I’ve had him for ten years.  Him and his little partner.  They are both such good little helpers.  I am so grateful to them.  I keep him right next to my printer.  That is I feel the best place for him.  I’m glad he also has a little tail on his back end for if I need to remove a staple.  That’s my boy, always to the rescue.  He can keep more papers together way better than the paper clips can!  I will have him as long as my mom has had hers, since before me.

When it comes to chess, I think I know the basics.  I know the move each piece is allowed to make.  But, I probably couldn’t sit and play the game like I’ve seen these experts play it.  The way they fling piece from one square to the next, taking his pawn and her bishop within seconds.  Their timers clicking within seconds of each other.  Then I see the old men at the park playing.  One stares at the opponent’s piece.  Just stares.  I’m not even sure if the old man knows that he’s in the middle of a game or if he even knows where he is.  Then, just to practice, I play a few games with my computer.  And I get beaten every time.


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