My Normal Life

I Love My T-Shirt

I know I looked good today.  I didn’t have anyone to dress to impress for, so I just kept on the t-shirt I slept in.  My only plans for the day were to go to my gym anyway.  I figured I’d show off my mood to anyone that was working out around me with my new most favorite t-shirt anyway; my grumpy cat.  I am him today.  There is something grumbling in me that I know wants to get out but can’t seem to find it’s way.  She’s been stuck in there for days.  So my grumpy cat t-shirt will help me find my way.  To where, I’ll never know.

Maybe he, too, is looking for his road to happiness.  Sometimes, I don’t even want to get to that road.  Sometimes, I get so filled with the boredom of even hunting for my happiness, that I just continue to sit here on my couch whilst I hunt around on what I feel is my new addiction; Pinterest.  There are a few on there that a snicker has no problem making its way out.  But, then grumpy cat makes his way back out onto my face and I think of all that I’m hating right now.  This could all be different tomorrow, so whose to know if these feelings are even legit.

I want my frown to be upside down.  I try to find ways to turn it.  My fatty cat often finds his way to me and helps, snuggling his loud face of love all over me.  Then he tries to walk his twenty-five pounds on my lap, not seeming to realize that I have my laptop on it, thereby closing any windows that were open and deleting anything I had not saved.  Thus just bringing my frown back to its original place.  He tried, though.

I have my grumpy cat and my Negative Nancy all making themselves at home inside me.  But hey; at least it’s company.


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