My Normal Life

A Bird On The Couch

The birds hopping outside look like they’re having more fun than I am.  Although I really am just sitting inside my Starbucks, trying not to continuously glance at the elder man a few tables away.  I only like watching him because when certain types of music start to play, he and I seem to both give our own private jigs to them.

It is a good thing I have my warm drink since I chose the seat right by the door.  I only did, though, because I wanted to give my tablet a try today and it decided to not have any battery this morning and there’s a plug near me if I need it.  I still wonder why I kept this, since I never use it.  You are rarely used, you are hardly on, you are always plugged in, so why would you be empty?  I want you to show me that you were not a waste of my money, there was a point of my purchase.  Even though I have thousands of dollars laying of others around my house worth of things that I know I do not need or use.  So I apologize to you, tablet, if I ever just make you sit and collect your dust.

I need those creative bugs flittering inside my head to let lose upon these pages.  They come out too fast upon a pen and paper, so that is the point of a key board.  My fingers can keep up, even though I need to stop correcting my mistakes as soon as I notice them.  YOU CAn COM BACK TO USF!

Is it wrong to be a little thankful that a date I was supposed to have today cancelled on me?  I was having doubts about meeting him.  I usually don’t have a problem going to meet my potential Romeos, but this one was not sending me his vibes.  The internet can send them to me.  I have this gift.  I have no problem with the speed dating, the singles mingles or going for my hunt at the bar, but he was just sending me the way more desperate than I am potential.  So, now, I can just do my usual “pretend I never got your email” ditch thing.  I know; I’m so polite.  Whatever.

Now I can continue to sit on my couch to enjoy my new addiction; British television.  Those English I never knew have their humor.  I always thought of them as the proper type, never the ones to come with these senses of wit.  But, no.  They have it in them.  I guess they are the same as us on the other side of the world.  Sarcastic and rude.  Makes me like them a little more.  I’ll still always want Harry more than William, though.


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