My Normal Life

My One Addiction

The most obvious item I cannot live without would be oxygen.  I suppose you’re being imaginative, though.  Well I think, then, my most obvious thing these days would appear to be cola.  It’s the first drink I have in the morning, the last one right before bed.  I feel the need to make a daily dash to 7-11 just so that I can have my delicious fountain drink.  Then once that is empty, I just refill the cup with my own. 

I try to also have my waters in between each one, knowing that my body must have its certain levels of H2O, but I know I will never be there.  I never used to be this bad.  Maybe two a day, at the most.  But now I feel as if I must finish almost a liter or more. 

My name is Stephanie and I am a diet cola addict. 

This must be the new drug that is sweeping the 21st century.  It has to be!  People get addicted to it and cannot just stop drinking its deliciousness.  It is the one that is turned to when you’re feeling so low.  It’s the drink that when put with some others can cheer you up and get the party started.  With the cola’s, we would not have the delicious, irresistible “mixed” drinks,  Soda is what makes the woman in those 1950’s ads looks just as happy as you know that you are when you are drinking your Coca-Cola. 

But I need to slowly put an end to my intake of this drink that I love.  I must.  Although I use it as an excuse to get out of my house at least once a day.  The seasons have changed, so I have my new excuses to get off my ass. 

So cola; I must bid you ado.  It will be a slow, hard goodbye.  But I am a tough broad.  I can take you.


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