My Normal Life

Judging The Book

I would hope now that I would be learning something new that has to do with my current area of study. But I did not register for anything, again, this semester. I believe it is not being offered and/or I cannot afford it.  Probably both. So, as of last week, my schedule was completely jammed packed with; nothing.  I know there are a million things in this exciting world I can fill easily my easily over bored mind with, but when my new cable system give me the option to watch the complete series of Breaking Bad, screw you open road!

Plus, if I remember correctly, it was a dreary grey week every day last week.  At least to me it was.

My Netflix boost up my mood though by bringing back all that I forgotten about this show.  The highs, the highers, the in betweens.  It also made me fall in love with Jesses all over again.  It made me begin my search on another dating site I’m giving a shot at.  The last two have, obviously, not worked, so third time I figure is the charm.  I am not trying to look at the positive side of it.  If only my mother had taught me how to do this.

It makes me wonder if I am allowed to judge the book by his cover, in a sense, on this site.  That is basically what you’re doing; looking at his picture, if you like it, moving onto step two, reading whatever he decided to describe about himself in his profile.  I just wonder if the men even bother to add step one and two together.  Do they not even care what this beautiful, hot sexy woman has just said about herself?  As long as she is a size two, that’s all he needs.

I know that I need both of these.  If your profile makes you sound like the guy that I need, I give you a second look over.  With the guys, though, I worry that you all just move on with even wondering what opportunity you just pass.  You, sir, just gave up on one AWESOME time.  You passed up the woman who would have asked you out.  The one who would have told the bartender to send you a drink.  Your loss, though.

I think I am only like that now because I’m getting tired of waiting for him to come find me.  I am not that difficult Waldo to find, Romeo! I’ve been in plain view for probably eighteen years.  Yet, here you make me sit and wait for this stupid love potion.  Well screw you!  I am off to hunt for my own Prince Charming and I don’t care what I have to do.  I will stop at nothing.  Beware World.  


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