My Normal Life


Love.  I can’t get you out of my head. Loneliness.  I can’t you out of my mind.  Agitation.  This feeling won’t leaving my mind either.  Love and alone seem to be the two that make me feel all this aggravation.  How can I not get these three feelings of emotion out of me when I have so many ways around me to help?  There are so many options I can choose to help me with my loneliness, yet I still choose to sit here on my floor as my sorrows make their way around my room.

This love that has yet to find it’s way to my heart that is beating inside me, I wait for you by my door and in my bed when the sun rises and when it sets.  I hope that the next day will be different then the empty one I just had to endure.  I know that I have some around me that love me, those are the ones that I try to return it to much as I can.  The love that I search for, though, is what I know can help me with my sorrows.

The aggravation I feel everyday, having yet to find my love is what sits inside my head at night.  This is what builds up the feeling of loneliness all around me. I take out my angers on the ones that do try to help me rid my life of these empty feelings, with no thank you.  This then makes me continue to wonder if these are the reasons I remain alone, without love.


Tell me you love me

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