My Normal Life

Favorite In The Family

No one has a favorite in their family. They love everyone the same, all in their own ways. Each person has their own pieces that draws you towards them when you’re needed or when you need them. This shows that you have a strong, loving family. I know that I have this, every day. I know I have a great family. I have a family that I sometimes wonder if I am ever thankful enough for.

If I could be sitting at my Star Bucks, I would be. The one I choose to go to, though, would be my favorite one. And not the one right around the block, as you would think. The one I am always willing to travel to, that is whereI know I will see who I’ve always felt is my best friend. My sister. Plus, I get my coffee for free.

I know it is assumed that sisters are always friends. Some have to grow closer as they grow older. This is the way that opposites are attracted. Even though I know we have so much in common, we still have our differences. I feel that it’s the differences that draw us closer. It helps a person learn something new in life. I feel like I have taught her so much through-out our lives. I know I’ve learned many things from her, so much that at times, I cannot even remember. I am always thankful, though, when it comes back to me. I do know that she gets her good looks from me, I know she’ll never deny that.

Now that we are adults, I feel our relationship has grown stronger. I know she cannot always run to me when I need her. She has her own two children to care for, which is a responsibility I feel that I am not ready for at this point in my life. But she does not turn her back on me. She does know how to bring me up when my days have fallen. She knows how to prove to me that I will never be alone. I know I will always have her.  She is my rock when I am at my hard place.


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