My Normal Life

My Everyday Thoughts

Today of my thoughts came back.  Every day, I know they’ll change.  They pick their own times to come back and to not always be the right ones.  I will always be thinking, all day, every day  Certain portions of the month tend to prepare me for the days that I will cry. They make me want to escape my life.  Escaping, I feel would make me suddenly smile, it would make me suddenly happy.  Escaping is all that I need.

I am sure that all writers have their own muse.  They carry it around in their pocket.  They sit in the same chair at the same exact coffee ship every day.  Television is my muse.  I cannot work without it.  But the I get distracted by whatever DVD I may have put in or whatever show I recorded to catch up on.  I have tried to use my favorite radio morning show.

Even when I’m distracted, I still don’t know how to use all these words in my head.  When I do know what to write, I have no paper near me.  Then, when I have it in my grasp, I do not have anything coming out of my mind.  My cat likes to make sure he;s on my mind.  He is always trying to put himself on my lap, yet only when I have my computer with me. It’s not wrong to think of him as my baby, is it?  I know a child and a feline are nowhere near the same thing, but since I am not even close to having one right now, I can claim my cats as my children.

Then that just reminds me of how old I am.  Though I know that being thirty does not make me an elder and some of my pictures make me look like a younger twenty-something, sometimes.  Me having my cats instead of children, though, still makes me feel like a retired, old lady.  My eyesight being worse than my mom’s doesn’t help make me feel any younger.  I am more blind than her!  My ceiling fan being only a few reaches away is a blur of brown wings to me every time I remove my spectacles.

I do know that to be a writer is getting all that is jammed in my head out into the open.  It is also relaxing.  Writing and knitting help me to relieve all of the stressed that I think I have in my life.  My most effective practice is when I have tried the four word game.  I found a writing website that just gives you four random words and then you are just to go from there. I also find it helpful to write whilst in bed.

I feel that I’ve grown because I know all that I need to put into my writing how much more I would need to help the reader feel that they could visualize what they were reading.  My advice for my writer is, like I’m a professional one, is if this if your goal, don’t stop.  Keep going.  My friend can pursue his, so no matter how many rejections you may get, there is someone out there who will enjoy all of your imagination and emotions that you have wanted to share with the world as much as I have.


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