My Normal Life

If I Had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars, what could I possibly even afford to buy?  If I had even one hundred dollars, I feel I would be a little more happy than I am these days.  I know money doesn’t buy happiness.  Maybe it just buys relief?  But with a simple million, I do know that I could walk around with the Mr. Millionaire title, but I feel that the first thing I would do is pay off my house.  That way, I could start to look for a new one.  Even though I do enjoy my dwelling, I still feel I’m at the point where I need to find a new one already.  II have a great neighborhood.  The little children are always riding their bikes up and down the street, making me think how I was.  I have another friend just over I94 that I can walk right over the bridge to in mere minutes on these beautiful approaching summer eves.  My cats enjoy sitting in the windows and staring at objects I still have yet to notice.

With one million dollars, though, would I leave my still fairly new home?  At times I think I would.  I believe I would try to find a house near one of these lakes that we have.  I hear we have quite a few.  Or perhaps I would just do my road trip through these fifty states,  Forty-nine really.  Two can be reached only by plane.  I have also seen that it’s a shorter distance through Canada to reach Maine, so I would need a passport/enhanced licence if I chose that way.  So, with my million dollars, I could get that!  Or just purchase myself an airplane.  Either one.

I could also finally get my Jaguar.  That is the car that I have always wanted.  I would get my deep, dark purple one that would sparkle in the sun. My Jaguar would zip up the freeway as people tried to glance at it with jealousy.  They would probably be wondering why an old man was going so fast, but I do not care! When you’re a millionaire, you’re suppose to drive your money.  Those are the rules.

If I was good at saving this, I would do my road trips.  I need to, I want to. That is what I feel is on my road to finding my happiness these days.  Though I know I would still be alone, as I am morning till night, being on the road I feel would be different.  I wouldn’t be parked in the same spot day in, day out.  I would be able to find ways to entertain myself in an  easier way than I can at this moment.

I know one of my problems would be spending.  So maybe I would need to put half away.  Or at least a a quarter of it away into a CD I believe I used to have.  That way, I could blow the $750,000 in six months, and then just complain that I only had $125,000 left and wonder why how I could stop myself from buying more shoes that I did not need.


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