My Normal Life

You Know Who You Are

So, I know it’s been awhile. Well, really not that long, but it’s not like we saw each other yesterday.  I hope everything’s been going good.  It seems like it has since I’m on Facebook all day.  I really do need to find something better to do with my life.  

I guess I’m really only writing so I can get something off my chest.  Nothing bad; there’s no need to worry.  You haven’t done anything to cause me to be mad at you.  Really, I’m only writing because, I think that deep down inside me, deep, deep down in this empty hole that I know I have somewhere in there, are feelings for you.  Now, I could be totally wrong.  I know I’ve walked in these wrong directions many times.  I do know I’ve known you for a while and you do not seem to want to leave my mind.  No matter how many times I’ve told you to. You’re one of the first faces that makes his way into my head whenever I hear those certain songs on the radio I know you like.  When I’m reading my magazines, I’ll get to a page with what seems like a pointless article they decided to cover, but for some reason it reminds me of something I think we had talked about few months ago.

A smile comes to my face as I begin to think about you, but then I remember that we’re not together.  There’s never been a you plus me. I’ve never even been close to that. I don’t know if you’ve ever known that I’ve had these emotions for you inside me. I never wanted to tell you. I take that back; I have wanted to. I just never knew if there was a good time to tell you. I never knew how I would. Does anyone, though?


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