My Normal Life

I Know I’m Magnetic So You Might Be My Cobalt

One night, I walked into his house.  We both know him.  I have for as long as I’ve been born; I still never remember how long you have.  Without him, though, I would not have met you.  I know the first time I ever have met you, you came to what I refer to as my usual Family Christmas.  I can understand that for this season, no one needs to be alone.  The next time I got to meet the real you, I believe was one of his usual run into the cold water functions, which I now always look forward to.  I do know this was at the time when his wild friend Chris was still here, a few years before his passing, and I still don’t know what drew me more towards you, though. His personality is usually more of what I am drawn towards.  You were in the middle of a conversation with someone, more than likely something ever more interesting that you’re always talking about.  You also have to remember that this was four or five years ago, so what precisely was being talked about I don’t think any of us know.  I felt drawn across the room towards you because of two things that I know I never forget when I think of you; the way your laughter seems to draw everyone in the room into whatever you have just said.  And your eyes.  You have the type that I find I can only look at for a brief second when I have worked up the nerve to speak with you, as my insides begin to fill with so much nervous emotions and thoughts.  As I try to gaze again, I can feel my tiny smile start to make her appearance in the hopes that she’ll find a way to impress you.

I don’t even know why I try this.  Alas, you are not my first attempt at getting my feelings across.  So, sorry, you’re not that special.  However, you are different.  All that I have felt in the past is just that; the past.  All I have felt in my heart for whoever those were for whenever that was is all different then what I know I am feeling for you now.  I don’t even remember any of what that was.  I just remember that the first time I looked into your deep brown eyes, the butterflies started on their journey towards my heart.  They have made this journey with their hopes that their mission would be completed, that my wish has come true.

I am the type that can express this emotion better in writing than through my voice.  I may seem like the type that has no problem speaking what is going on in her mind, but when it comes to this portion of my deep dark hole, I tread lightly.  Just not so sure what would happen if I were to approach you with this difficult stage in our lives, this stage that I know is meant to teach two people whose hearts, I believe, might be meant for each other.  We could be the two pieces to our puzzles of life that we’ve been searching for.  But, I could just have my hopes too high, as I seem to always set them when it comes to this road of my life.

I believe opposites can attract.  I also believe it only takes five minutes to converse with a person and realize you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them.  I might need more than that, though.  Two would never know how much magnetism they had towards each other unless  one actually had the balls to express these types of emotions toward who they think could be their cobalt.


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