My Normal Life

So Little Time

The day I die we all know this world would not be able to go on. Flags would be lowered, businesses would close, countries would mourn. We all know that this is true. But, until this day comes, there is so much that I have to do! Yet I just sit. I sit and do nothing. I just continue to add to my list of what I want to accomplish, but make no attempt at any of them.

All 50 states is a big one. I need to see every single one of them. I am the type that would even count my visit to one if I just stopped at a rest area while passing through. So long as my feet touched their land, than I was in that state. This is how I would cross it off my list. Hawaii and Alaska do have to make themselves difficult, but I will see you! If their cruises weren’t so damn expensive, I would be there tomorrow. Alaska also makes you get a passport, since our Canadians above are no longer our allies.

I suppose I should also get married. It seems to be the new “in” thing these days. I would at least like to be in a relationship, find the one out there who was put on this Earth for me. The one that I feel I have been searching for, waiting for, for far too long. When I look at how long a person seems to be with their love before that rock comes out, will I be 35 when this engagement comes along? So this would just give me another reason to return to Las Vegas. Or just use city hall and then escape to one of my non-seen 50 states.

When I was 18, I think I wanted four children. I had them all planned out. I didn’t care if I had all girls or all boys, two of each or three and one. Just four. Now, at 30, I wonder if that is even possible. I would need them in consistency, not spaced apart by more than two years, since I would be 38 when I had my last. Then I would be 50ish when my first graduated high school (all of this is just guesstimates, coming from Ms. Nonmathmatics.) This is all a big if. It does take two to make a baby, and if I do not have my other half, I have nothing to feed my eggs.

With so many things to do, I still do not know what. I want to just wake up in the morning and see what the sun will bring. Day by day, my life goes on. I think I have enough time left to do whatever I want, whenever I want.


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