My Normal Life

1 in 5 Begin Online

Why hello Miss Crocket, Miss Patricia Crocket. It has been a long time since I have even visited EHarmony. I never felt a need to tell you that you have failed me. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one of my dating sites I feel that has. But I just wanted to ask: why do you feel so trusted? Four years ago is when I know that I was a paying member. If I can think back that far, if I was with you guys three times, if I’m correct. This would mean I had begun my hunt for my love in December of 2009, when I was 25. Five years later I still sit here alone.

You claim that you are able to marry 438 people every day, on average. Your commercials also claim that you are the “…trusted #1 online dating site.” Those would be false. The number one site is actually, according to THREE different dating advice sites. I had no success with them either, though, but that’s another tale.
I only wonder where you think I put my heart every night. Do you think I really smile at the sun every day? I am not as bright a ray as I used to be. For sitting alone these long days and nights can bring ones sorrows down more and more. I just wonder why you think you can hold your head so high when I have no person to wrap my arms around after I had gone on a heartbreaking hunt.

And then there is you, Mr. George Bartlett, bringing me to January 30, 2011; I made my first attempt to show wd3368 that I was interested in him. I did receive a reply. Nothing happened from there. No date. Just a few emails, if I can even remember three years ago. I have kept a record of all of my attempts on your site, only so I didn’t make it seem like I was bothering the same guy.

I was only wanting a three month trial. I had wanted to because at that time, January 2011, I still had not been in a relationship. I had given my attempt at Eharmony prior to this and had no success, so I figured I would give you a try. Three years later, I still resigned with Match every three months and I think I had gone on, if I recall….two dates. I will not deny that I did briefly meet two guys on here and dated them for a short period (very short.) But after three years and 797 signs of interest sent, I still sit home alone on my Fridays. My heart gets broken more every time I see your commercials promoting how you have “…1 in 5 relationships begin online…”, and you“…lead to more dates, more relationships, and more marriages….” Okay; well where is mine after these three years?

I am not the type that wants to give up in this area, but my heart cannot give much more. I have now moved onto my THIRD dating site. I have been with you for three years, I have attended many of your events, yet I am still that one in the five that sits at home alone.

So, thank you, MatchHarmony, for helping this world continue to break my heart every day.


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