My Normal Life

What Color Is That Sky?

Sometimes I wonder why we choose the colors that we love so much. I love purple, yet most of my apparel seems to be in green. I do love that color as well, but if I had to choose between them, if it was a life or death, green or purple, I would have to go down the violet road of life. I even look around my room and see many items in this glorious color; my fluffy, plum pillow. Some bright, lavender lights around my window. And even a piece of mauve glass I had recently pieced together of a dog and a cat. The cat, though, is also in green. So I guess green is also my favorite. Sorry, Steven Tyler, pink may be yours, but I am not a huge fan of that. This now makes me wonder what draws us all to our colors.

We all know that a thought often makes us hotter than fire. Well, Mr. Longfellow; what makes my thoughts cool down? The colors in the sky? Or, do they even make me think in a better way? I am one who never seems to have a good thought on their plate. I always seem to have the bad seed of the apple. I don’t know why. I tell myself to look on the upside, but then I continue to gaze at the negatives.

I believe this is all only up there because I’m on my first conference call that I have ever been on, and the other lady that is really annoying. I feel like she is trying to be the more dominant speaker. Plus, I am not really seeing a point to this call yet. It almost sounds like all this advice is something that I have already been doing. I already do my resume, like this career “counselor” is suggesting. I already continue my job searches daily. I just always seem to be the heads landing face down when employers toss their coins to help make their decision.

The employer can choose something so simple. I have my difficult days even choosing which piece of underwear I should wear for the day. With what little quality I have, are they willing to take a risk on me? Perhaps, maybe, if I’m wearing their favorite color.


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