My Normal Life

There Is More To Talk About!

There are things to look for in a relationship other than sex. I do know that is one of the attractions that two people feel towards each other, though. I also know it might be the only way they feel for each other. They may not what to cross that line of love or continue to learn anything more about each other. Some are just not attracted to another in certain ways.

 The road to love, however, works other ways. Sex usually does not happen on the first date. Sometimes. I know it depends person to person. It is not the only thing two adults speak about constantly. Well, I do know it is, usually within the first month, the two begin dating and getting to know each other, once they have become consensual with each other, the hands come out and the clothes are off. But a normal conversation is had on a normal, sunny day.

 When a text is sent or a chat is began, there is more to ask then the inappropriate. There is more to learn of a person’s day than what they were wearing “under their pants”. Underwear. Plane, white, old haggy undies that I found in my grandmothers closet is what I chose to wear today! And then some oil spilled in the Atlantic and more bombs went off in Iraq. Moving on.

 I tried. I steered the conversation to the smallest, simplest issues, but he would just reel them back in. Second chances I like to give. Third place is never a loser. Yet when you seem to only want one item from me, this blossom does not give her cherries for free. Though that does make me sound more like a prostitute.

 I want a man who wants a woman he wants for more than one thing. I want one that can handle me, as you all know how I am in my not so normal life. Humor, aggravation, forgetful, love, adventure, hugs, repeat, learning, repeat. These are a few that I hope I will find in him on this road I still feel that I am lost on.


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