My Normal Life

Love In Your Face

What is this “love” that all of you seem to be shoving in my face these past few months? This love and happiness, where love is a passionate affection for another, or even a sexual passion? Well this all just seems to lower my joy, my pleasure over a particular object. These just remind that my life flat out sucks. Okay, this “portion” of my life. I know all the rest is just super fan-fabulous, but these two levels of bliss and affection I never seem to accomplish.

Especially with you still sniffing around. I thought I had finally managed to rid my heart of you but, of course, you found some way to weasel your way back into my mind. I do not want this. Considering you have another person who you are supposed to be focusing all of your attention and emotions on. The moment our eyes met, however, I felt my heart skip that stupid beat and I felt the lights around us dimming as we became the only two in our bar. I did not want this. You were happy. I was…in between. The love portion of my mind was starting to piece together what two people, who were put on this world for each other, are supposed to be doing.

But what? You have her. I do not want you to stop that. Plus, given how many times I have taken your heart and treated it like it was nothing, perhaps another me and you is not another option. How are we to know, though? A person is not to know unless they try.

I am willing to give our hearts another effort but my phone has been empty. Your mind seems too made up. We both know that it is not that difficult to call or email a person. I had the guts to express my feelings, so I guess, maybe, the world really does knows who the man in this relationship was.


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