My Normal Life

Dream Date

I don’t get returned to often on the desperate emails, winks, and begins for dates I send out on my multiple dating sites. I am a member of. The few that I do seem to get a response from, I can barely respond to before it seems like they are begging for some sort of inappropriate picture. An email such as that makes me feel like I’m talking to a virgin.

I am not that easy. No man can walk up to me, look at me with his captivating, Brad Pitt stare and then expect me to throw off his pants just so I can jump into bed with him, never having to call him again after our fifteen minutes of, what I’m assuming is supposed to be something to be spread all over my Facebook with.

That would never happen. You can dream about it all that you want, dating site men, but not all of us are whores. Some of us woman are actually hoping to find our other half. I know that I am. I feel like I’ve come to a dead end so many times, I’m about to turn in my towel.

I would like to find out who gave us these compasses in life, the ones that are meant to direct us to out missing piece. Perhaps I got the wrong one. Someone else out there might have mine and that would be the reason her and her man are getting a divorce.

I tell myself each time I’m leafing through choice’s on my dating page that this will be my last day. I will not be back tomorrow. I give myself motivations to put the brakes on in this path and move onto the other accomplishments I have been working on for the past three years. But, as soon as I have finished going through my Facebook to ensure I am not left out of anything, I immediately type in the web address for my dating site. My cycle never ends.

I always search for the same, specific type guy: the average built, perhaps a little extra weight, maybe I would even be attracted to one of the bigger guys (no athletic or thin one for me for theses seem to be the ones who turn me away, yet I will not do this to you if you are the one sending me a message.) I feel that no man should be more than two years younger than me, since I am not always the most mature. I also pick them to be no age higher than 35, only because I feel I am barely an adult at 30. Again, though, even if you’re not on my “list”, I won’t automatically turn you away. These credentials just seem to shrink down my searching and help me narrow down the field to my Waldo.

Dating site or not, though, when I step foot out into the real world, I still have those specifics when I’m looking for my who ever. Chances are, if I happen to be at a bar, I won’t walk up to Person A if they do not have what I had picked out earlier when doing I’m doing my daily searches. I would wander over to Person B, since he is my red haired, small group, good looking man to me.

The red heads always draw me in.


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