My Normal Life

I Found a Genie!

Three wishes? Why only three? Why not at least four, or even five? Then, at least, I would be counting off each wish with all of my fingers. But three wishes. I sometimes don’t even know what I want.

I am one of those people who wants the number one selected wish: love.  Yes, love over money.  I don’t have any particular person in mind. I would just wish for whoever’s meant for me to get off of his ass and find me. I think I’ve been waiting long enough.

So, maybe I would wish more specifically for that; make my person bump into me on this specific date at this exact time. We would exchange the standard “Excuse me”’s and “sorry”’s. Then, when our eyes met, we would hold that look for an eternal five seconds as all the thoughts of, “Is this who I think it is?” flowed through our minds. That would be when I knew he was the one and he would know that he was never letting go.

I’ve had that thought before, though. I believe the guy who rang me up for my cola at 7-11 was the one put on this Earth for me. So who knows if my wishes will really come true?

Lately these days, in my forever growing old life, I never go out. I’m becoming a grouch, the old lady inside me trying to make her way out. I usually just spend my days watching TV and drinking my cola on my couch. Just spending everyday doing this, I would love to just take a pin to a heart-shaped balloon and letting it explode all of the love that seems to be spreading around me. Everybody has somebody but me these days.

I know that I’m walking on what feels like a lonely road, this road that I feel like I’m supposed to be on. It’s the only one that I have ever known. I cannot go home alone again, I think this to myself every single day. But I do. I sit alone on my couch every night. I scroll through my channels, searching for I never know what, alone. Then I crawl into my bed, wrap my arms only around my pillows. I need a person to numb this pain.

I always think I have found you. I think that the road that you’re walking down is the same road that I am meant for. I don’t know where you’re going but I’m always wanting to ask you if you have room for one more. I just never do. Maybe, if I could grab you and ask you to be alone together this would help us stay young, forever.

I know that I am the best that is meant for you. I am the best that you have ever had. Nothing else in your life will do you any better. This all means that we will never go home alone again. I am the one who can make your wishes come true.


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