My Normal Life

My Top 3 Pet Peeves

Ten years ago, I met someone. No person in particular, just a friend. A regular person. They were really nice, super easy to talk to. Three days later, I still remembered their name. I still remembered their face. I knew exactly who they were. This was all before these issues with my head began.

Las night, I met a few people, I know I’ve met them a few times before. I did not know a single person’s name. After ten minutes, I had been sitting at this table with people, yet I still did not know remember any of their names.

I went out on a date with a guy the other night. I had met him at one of my numerous attempts at speed dating. He was so nice. I had no problem approaching him that first night. We also had a few phone conversations and texts messages before our first official date. The only problem I had with him was I had no idea what his name was.

We had done the standard introductions the first night. I remember his name was quite unusual to me. I just could not remember it. I could have asked him again, or maybe how to spell it, but I just continued our night like nothing was wrong.

I want to remember like everyone else does. I know we’re not all the same, but to not be able to recall some of my most important points in these past ten years, this all just seems to put more pressure on my every day.

Then I had an interview a week ago. I felt I had good chances with this company. All they were looking for was a person capable of filing with good computer skills. They were looking for a person with little office experience, and I do have some, not a lot, but some. This interview was with a travel and modeling agency. I did a little research on them, and their cliental seemed predominantly black. I immediately thought my chances were shot. I never did get a call back from them, even after I sent the standard thank you letter.

I wonder how we know when that is the reason a person is chosen for something. Why does this even still have to be an issue? WE are all people, yet I still cannot drive behind a certain car and not assume a certain race is the driver. Nine out of ten times I am correct. I cannot call myself a racist when I think about I was not chosen for that company.

I also wonder how it wouldn’t be whined about if White Person A, equal to Black Person A in every way, was chosen for a promotion instead. Black Person A can pull the “Race Card”. But if they had been the ones promoted, would White Person A be able to pull the same card? I think not. Division of race just needs to stop. A person is a person; black white, pink or blue. So, America, shut up already!

Certain Americans need to also learn the definition of a speed limit. When the white (not black) sign says “45”, this does not mean “Maybe 45 MPH”. It means “45 MPH”! This sign means to drive that exact amount of miles per hour. It is not just a suggestion, which a lot of people seem to assume. It is the law.

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