My Normal Life

Places I Need To Be

The farthest that I’ve ever been in the Upper Peninsula is Mackinaw City. I have crossed over our Mackinaw Bridge so I have actually been into our “other side”. But I want to go farther.

I had a friend who went to school in Houghton, almost the very tip of this state. It takes about nine hours to get there from way down in this lower world. He was not a regular weekend returner.

That school being so far makes me want to see what else is up there. I want to see this beauty that is above. My next quest in Michigan would need to maybe be Salt Sainte Marie. She is further than Mackinaw, but still only a few hours. Not nearly as far as another option, Ottawa National Park, which also sounds beautiful but would be an eight hour journey.

I have been to Seattle once before. The moment my feet hit the ground, I was in love. The oddest thing there, though, was that it did not rain a single day. It was also, I believe a nice, breezy mid-to-upper 70’s, but I could see the people who actually lived in Seattle walking around like this was super, hot, horrible weather. I almost wanted to tell them that they should come to Michigan when we have 60 degrees, plus humidity.

While I was there, I don’t remember what I saw. This trip was four years ago. This is why I need to go back! I know there is so much more to see than just the space needle, or riding with the ducks, or even just the wall of all that gum. I do know I visited a 7-11. I remember seeing the Snoquamie falls, and I remember how beautiful they were. Getting so drawn into watching the aura that they had, I remember them. I want to go back every day. I know that I love this city so much, that I have thought this would be my place of retirement, if I ever even get hired this day and age.

I always have a good time when I’m at the casino down town. I know I had an even better time when I was in Las Vegas. This is why I feel I must return to that bright lighted, big city, too. I still even have all of my strip club cards that were shoved into my hands while I was walking down the street. That is another trip I don’t remember. I only remember the lights. All of the lights are inside, though. They come from the machines. This is the city that never sleeps, a place that I need to be, considering my regular bed time is after midnight.

I know that one day I will venture to where I know my family began. One half I know began in the south. I have been there many times. I know I have some Indian in me, but don’t all of us have a small piece of them? I also know that when my mom’s maiden name is VanMeter, I began research on it. I found that there was some history of her back in Scotland. Once I started researching, I began to see all that was there, and I knew that I needed to be there. All of the land around is beautiful. The way the older homes appear, it draws me deeper into the history, and to finding where my family could have begun. I know the farthest I’ve been in Michigan is Mackinaw, but the farthest I need to go in my life, is to Scotland.

I never know if I’ll do any of this. I sometimes never even know if I’ll leave my house for the day. I never plan ahead. Sometimes, thoug, trips aren’t always meant to be planned.


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