My Normal Life

Ten (Six, Actually) Songs I Really Appreciate

Every time I have the opportunity to karaoke my heart out, my first option is always “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. It is all about how I should just appreciate us bigger woman. And they should! We work hard for them! When I sing along, it always makes me love my fat bottom each time, just as I do whenever singing all of my other “booty” songs.

No I also know that Adam Levine is singing all about love when he’s singing his “Sugar” in his Maroon 5. Some people just think he wants sex in that song, though. Listening to the words, I start to see that the sugar in itself is what love is. The whole song is about how he needs her, how without her, he is so weak. So all of her “sugar”, he love, helps to keep his pieces together. Which is who I need to find; I need to find MY “sugar” in life.

Once I find mine, I will describe to him what to do with Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband.” Her song goes almost word for word the man I wish I could find. He, of course, wouldn’t be all of them, but some would be nice. I would need my man to cook, since I can barely cook with a microwave.

I just don’t know why I still feel like I need him here, though. He knows who he is. Sam Smith is not helping me deal with this with his “I’m Not the Only One.” I do feel like I can’t get his heart, even though he feels the opposite way. He had my heart so many times, but he would just give it back every day. I had my doubts about me and him, and I don’t know why I still love him.

When I listen to George Ezra’s “Budapest”, I now wonder who I’m supposed to leave mine for. I have no reason to leave, but I don’t feel that I belong anymore. This song shows that when I love them, I would leave anywhere for who I love, even my most favorite place. Nothing would be more important than who I love. I just need to find mine.

I have even found a song for my already planned wedding: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. This might even be the bride/groom dance one. It just describes two people who want to grow old together. They know they will always love each other. Falling in love under stars sounds so simple, the way Ed Sheeran describes it in his song. Now I know what I must do. It just feels so hard.


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