My Normal Life

What I Am Excited About

My life lately has been mellow. I haven’t really had anything all that exciting happening. So, is it too wrong to be excited to attend a gathering of friends asked not to wear pants? Who wouldn’t be thrilled not having to wear their pants? Us woman love when we’re not allowed to. The freedom we have on those fresh air days. But men, they never get to let it all hang out. That is the luxury of these kinds of gatherings. No one is critical. No person is judged. Everyone is treated equally. Not to mention, it is a night to be celebrated with drinks!

My only dilemma is, I am never a no pants type woman. My whole wardrobe is to be worn with them. I do not own one single skirt. My legs are too pale. So now, all I have to add to my list of things to fret over is what to wear this coming Friday. I realize my only person to impress is myself, but we all know how judgmental we are against ourselves.

The celebration of the first Friday in May is also a day of saying goodbye to a person’s home. This would be another reason why I enjoy this group even more. Their humor, their kindness, the relaxation I feel when I am around them. I know I should not constantly worry what everyone could be thinking of me, but when invited around these amusing, joyful people, I know that these thoughts are always left at the door.


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