My Normal Life

Am I a Pisces?

The Pisces is said to be as be a very understanding individual. They are affectionate, accepting of others around them. I can have my days where I have no idea what you are talking about, but I really do want to be here for you. My mind likes to have its own issues, no matter how hard I try to control it. I do love everyone, no matter how much they’re irritating me. If you are aggravating me, I will just take a deep breathe, exhale and imagine myself punching you in the face. Then I will just welcome you into my life and immediately start to plan our next twelve years of friendship.

Their strengths are being intuitive, artistic and musical, compassionate. These are all me. When the radio is on, I pretend that I have the greatest voice in this world. Our American Idol needs to watch out, because I will be the next Kelley Clarkston. I can feel it. Along with her, I also know, that even though I am not always coloring inside the lines, neither did Picasso. Look where that got him. When needs for my little furry critters is required, then that is when I begin to put my good heart into the cause.

Their weaknesses can be that they are overly trusting, they can be sad and fearful, with a desire to escape reality. Again; all me. I never want to be “here”. I want to be in my own little world. I never want to be in this real world because I never feel that there is a reason to put a smile on my face. When it comes to new people, I immediately begin to build up all of my trust in them, without even thinking there is anything bad in them. I am willing to give them my life savings if they ask, all $32.76 of it.

The Pisces charismatic marks are said to be soft and their face easily shows their emotions. I want the world to know what I am feeling. If I am happy; you will know. If I am mad; you will know. This face is not plain, she can have the biggest, perkiest smile when you brighten her day then ten minutes later, the scrunchiest, angriest looking black, holed eyes when you anger her.

Pisces likes their time alone. They enjoy romance and music. I may love being in a big group of people, but I always need my alone time. My couch and TV are my best friends. They are actually who I am hanging out with right now. I am the person that sings the loudest and proudest with the radio, regardless if I know the words. The romantic movies are not always my favorite, yet when it comes to the songs that are singing about love, that is where my heart belongs.

The Pisces dislikes the know-it-alls, they do not like being criticized or cruelty of any kind. I have heard some people talking like they are the smartest people in the group. They answer every question that is being asked, sometimes with what they think is THE answer. If a person argues, they counter. These are the types that I will do research on the answer just to prove them wrong. I also feel, that being a Pisces, I don’t like being criticized. If I like my shirt, then I don’t need your opinion about it, unless I ask. I also know that if I could, one day I would have a farm. I would have a farm, so that I could have tons of dogs that need new homes. I would have lots of rescued kitties, some cows that weren’t wanted anymore. Maybe a horse or two that nobody seemed to love. Some chickens that had been saved. I would have as many as I could take care of and I would hug each of them every day.

So does the Pisces, the zodiac sign that I have been told is mine, fit me? I wouldn’t trade it any other way.


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