My Normal Life

30 Facts To Learn More About Me

  1. I was born February 22, 1984.
  2. I have the most awesome parents in the entire world.
  3. I have one sister.  She’s awesome, too (most of the time.)
  4. My little niece and I will always get to share that we are the first born children for our families on both sides.
  5. My favorite color is purple.  All color purples, not a specific type, ALL purples.
  6. I love sweaters so much that I wish I could wear them in the summer.
  7. I love flip-flips so much that I wish I could wear those in the winter.
  8. I own a house, but I still live with my parents.
  9. I wake up every day at 8am, then go right back to bed.
  10. I have applied to 956 jobs, for many different companies.  I’ve had countless interviews, but obviously no success.
  11. My favorite city that I have visited, so far, has been Seattle. It didn’t rain a single day that I was there, though.
  12. I sometimes like starting “debates” while in conversation with people.
  13. Writing is seeming to become more than just a hobby to me.
  14. I know that I am my niece’s favorite aunt, being her only one.
  15. I go to 7-11 once a day.  Not always the same one, though. I have four of my favorite ones.
  16. I have not been employed in three years.
  17. I cannot do my eyebrows properly, so I have my regular place that seems to know what I need done  as soon as I walk-in do them for me.
  18. I feel the need to play with my toenails every day.  I need to make sure they’re clean and clipped properly.
  19. I take medications every day: four once per day, two twice per day, and one three times per day.
  20. I already have my wedding planned, I just seem to be missing one thing…
  21. I still have the doubts in myself that I will ever be good at my stained glass. I know I can still learn a lot, but I still have my doubts.
  22. I need to keep a clock in every room.  What if I’m in the bathroom, running late but stuck on the toilet, how am I supposed to know how much more time I have?
  23. History was my favorite subject in school.  I still love it to this day.  The Civil War to World War II era is my favorite to read, watch, and learn anything new about.
  24. My favorite number is the number “4”.  I know that with it, I can always be happy or win something big.
  25. I have a chair in the corner of my living room that I never sit in.  My white chair with dark pink and some light purple flowers wrapped in thick black lines is for viewing purposes only.
  26. Owls seem to be my main form of decoration these days.
  27. The Barenaked Ladies are my all-time favorite band.  When they’re on the radio; I sing.  When my CD player in my car decides to work; I sing.
  28. I’m beginning to fall in love with The Tenderloins.  They’re my new favorite comedic group.
  29. I need to check my email and Facebook at the same time.  Thank goodness for laptops and cell phones these days.
  30. My favorite form of relaxation is knitting.  I haven’t ever knitted a blanket or scarf, though.  I just have piles of colorful yarn that, maybe, when sewn together could one day make an odd looking blanket.

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