My Normal Life

How I Can Perfect Even More

I need to improve on numerous issues in my life. I will never be perfect. I may put on the act that I am, but I am not. If you were to use me as a map, there would be a lot of rounded, bumpy roads. You would need to start at my southwest ankle, and begin your journey up my left leg. As you’re approaching my hips, you would be going further and further west, to make a big round trip to be over my hip. Driving along the northern me, you come to another curve, where my mid-section makes itself. After your car survives the mountainous gaps of fat that is my stomach roads, you continue to my shoulder without any problems. Driving the short path that my neck is is also not a difficult road, giving you a quick approach to round my left ear. You are about to begin your drive through another bumpy, broken road, though. My head can resemble our Michigan roads; uneven, with a left looking like a right and a lot of needed construction. When making your way towards the center, your half-way point around me, you’re almost realizing that you should have chosen a vehicle with four- wheel drive. You finally make your way across my mind, but must now begin your decent south. Your voyage down my southeast region will really be no different than my northwestern: smooth roads with many curves.


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