My Normal Life

My Four Senses of Humor


One person has a beer. Another might have chocolate. My one addiction is Pinterest. I cannot go a single day without viewing this page. I must search through it for nothing I will ever use. The one thing I always need to find is my laughter. I’m looking at “My Humors” folder right now. I apparently have found only 541 items funny, so far. This just means I need to hunt more! I need to open up my sense of humor, make it broader and let the gates of laughs ready to flow.

I know my sense of humor has finally found its love. One night, while channel surfing, I stumble upon a new television show, with a group of guys playing pranks of each other. My eyes then fall upon the one, Sal Vulcano. Sure, his friends aren’t that bad looking either, but there was something about his eyes that drew me in. The show that his group, The Tenderloins, were partaking in was just laugh out loud hilarious. Even at their adult ages, these best friends could embarrass each other, but still give each other a hug at the end of the day.

I met this guy one day. School had started a few weeks before, so I was already into my daily routine. I was used to everything that the teacher was subjecting us to every week. I also believe she wasn’t one of my favorite people to have to see every day, but it was only fourth grade, so I was stuck with her all year. There was this one kid, though, who was sitting near me that was seeming to stick out in my mind. I could tell that he was new, not having seen him last year. I started talking to him, realizing he only lived a few blocks from me. The more I talked to him, the more I couldn’t stop giggling. This eight-year-old dude could make me laugh my ass off, not that it was that difficult back them. But Erik was already that good. And for the next 20 years, I know who I could always turn to him when I needed more than a smile.

31 years is a long time to have continuous laughter. But, when you have a father like mine, a day never goes by without a single douse of humor. He always knows how to brighten a cloudy day. Whenever my world is on the low, he brings out the sun by throwing the funnier side on whatever issues I feel the need to blow out of proportion. Now I know what portion of the family where my wit comes from. That’s my dad.


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