My Normal Life

I Think I Can

I don’t even know what I want to do tomorrow, so why would I even know what I would want to be doing 30 days from now? I do not set goals for myself anymore. I never seem to achieve them. It’s my own fault. I would write them down, do whatever I had set for myself for a week and then – nothing. I’m sure we’re all like that, at times.

One goal that I need for myself is to go out into this sunshine that is finally here, after those long snowy months. There are these lovelier days that I have been hearing of. Today was so warm and bright that I did choose to actually go out to more than just my 7-11. I took my little dog for a walk, even though her twenty pounds walked me more than anything.

I tell myself every morning to make this a habit, make this my first task. I know that Thelma would not object. But I never do. I just eat my chocolate chipped waffles then begin my day of computering and watching TV. Before any of this, I could have already been sucked into the great outdoors, yet I was sucked into the great court shows. I let my puppy down.

I also need to leave my couch because these judge shows can be too distracting when I am trying to release the real inner me. This inner me is who I need when I’m trying to write, another goal for these 30 days. I have found myself another “30 Day Writing Challenge”, which just gives me a good excuse to go to Starbucks every morning.

This fourth dating site I am attempting has given me a third goal: call this David guy. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. I am the type that usually throws the “likes” or begins the conversations with the guy. I have no problem leaving my number with a good looking bartender, yet there is something about this David that I am already feeling like a rosy cheeked 13 year old trying to talk to her crush.

If my couch were not so comfortable, and I had the balls to message the number I was given, then my goals would be achieved by weeks end. But, alas, I seem to have left them somewhere. So I will just sing along with the radio.



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