My Normal Life

Ten Years From Now

Ten years from now, I will be 41.  This age seems to be approaching faster each time I turn around. I have also thought by now, that since being 31, I would already be married and have my first two children.  Then when 41, I would have had my final two added. My whoever and I would be happy in beautiful in Saint Clair Shores with our four children.  I wouldn’t even care if I had all girls or all boys, or two from both sides.  I would just have my children.  I would happily be assisting a lawyer with their paper work every day.

At the end of each day, I will arrive home, happily greeted by my tall, auburn haired husband and children. I will, in ten years, be a way better cook, since I will actually know how to cook something, as opposed to now, when I do not.  These days, I know how to cook waffles, in the toaster.

This is all where I WANT to be ten years from now. Where do I ACTUALLY see myself? On this exact same couch, still located in my parent’s home. I have no reason to get off, no child to hold, no man to wrap my arms around. How optimistic am I?

I do get out of my bed every day, though, preparing to watch all of the same legal shows I watch everyday.  I put on my pants and clean underwear,   I do need pants to walk into my 7-11, after all.

Ten years from now, I want to be done doing more. I want to be off of this road in my life, traveling on a whole new path. I would like to be done hunting like a blood hound, with my nose on the road, sniffing around for all that I feel I am without.  I feel that I am stuck at this dead end



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