My Normal Life

The Inspirations In My Life…

Inspiration in my life is something that I’m always looking for. I feel that I’m on a path that keeps twisting and turning, leading me to nowhere. My own fault, though. I just keep giving up on everything. But I have a big bolt of inspiration around me constantly. Two actually.

One came into this world way back in the days. The year was 1955. Yes, he graced the times that far back, way back in our mid-1900. The month of July was the celebration of our nation’s independence. And on this 20th day, along with it being International Chess Day, my father came into this world, making this an even greater day. Without him, I would not be here.

Of course, it always takes two to make one greatness. August 26th, 1958, one beautiful butterfly began to fly. This helped to bring my mother into this world, making it even better, for she was the other contribution to making me. She is also the other half of this happiness in the world.

I wake up every morning as the grumpy dwarf. I’m hating the world, believing that there are only grey clouds out in the sky. As I’m heading down my stairs, just to check the mail, even though I know I didn’t receive any, I begin to hear all the humor that my father is filled with. He, being the one that keeps the TV at the highest volume, can hear me stomping down the stairs. As soon as I enter the room, he shoots his sarcasm at me, sensing that I’m in my lower stages. He’s the type that won’t let me leave the room until he sees a smile.

After I have cracked up at the lamest, corniest jokes in this world, and he lets me finally escape his dry humor, I escape up the stairs back into my hole. Nonetheless as soon as I get on to my couch, I’ve found another problem with something, so I have to call my mom even while she’s at work to help me resolve even my tiniest problem in this world. She’s the one I run to with everything. If it involves a hammer and nails, with that I turn to daddy. But, my mom helps me through everything else. She’s my tape and glue holding me together.

These are my two inspirations in life.   With all my mom is having to deal with at this point in life, yet she can still get out of bed every day, helps me to get out of bed every day. Then, with all the dilemmas with my dad, he puts his two feet on the ground, these are my two.



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