My Normal Life

My Five Bang-able Celebs

Well, first and foremost, there’s Mr. Obvious, Channing Tatum.  HOlla! Could he be, Any hotter?  Ladies, I think not.  If he were still available, I would definitely invite him to entertain my next birthday/bachelorette/lonely-Friday-night party.


Jesse Williams; why are you not a REAL surgeon!?  If you were, I would break every bone in my body as often as I could and run to the hospital into your arms.  I know I’d have to run across the country to Seattle, but I do not care.

d6564ed42c18cc52d90f13d67817f0ce (2)

Sal Vulcano, not only does your cuteness draw me in, but your ability to make me roll on the floor with laughter makes me realize that we are two soles put on this Earth meant for each other.  Will you marry me?


The hotness in Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon just explodes into this world when they are combined.  I don’t think I’d be able to handle them together.  Admit it ladies; none of us would.


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