My Normal Life

This Baby Got A Few Good Things

I may sit here and point out all the flaws on my body. I may make it seem that I look down on myself every day and night. But, that is not at all how I am. I know that I am a beautiful butterfly just waiting to burst out of this cocoon. I may have my bad pieces, but I also have my diamonds on me that every man wishes they could have their hands on. Do not deny.

My main one is what all men love and adore, my big, round butt. You cannot deny.   When I walk in, put the round thing in your face, you get stung with the glory that has just filled the room. Sorry. That song is always in my mind when I’m putting my pants on in the morning.

I know that I have some friends who are jealous that they cannon jiggle along when these basetastic booty songs start booming on the stereo. I can. I can start swaying from side to side, showing off my glory. Usually, as soon as she is in her wiggling mode, every black man in the bar is sucked into her radar and I am pulling in phone number after number. My booty is like gold.

She is not all that I have on me that is magnificent. These eyes that I gaze upon in my mirror at times I just cannot resist. They are not blue, they are not green, but both. A beautiful hazel filled with so many emotions. When the happiness is on, the sparkle that is in there just shines into the room, spewing around making every person smile. Yet, when the sadness is there, they show that there is a darkness deep down. Even when in that form, they still seem to glimmer with so much emotion.

What puts them in their happy mode, though, is when all the softness that is upon my head is having its greatest, softest days. Which is always. My hair seems too constantly to look so fabulous, even on it’s not so clean days. On the days when I just throw it in a simple pony tail, I just take one look and I feel like I had just spent two hours doing all that greatness that I am gazing upon. Then, on the days that I do actually take delicate time and try to make my hair look any more fabulous than it already is, I could spend on hour moving one hair to one different space and BAM: awesome. My hair is that simple and beautiful.

Big booty, amazing eyes and the most fabulous hair around. No girl could ask for more.

20150602_140436_LLS 20150602_140852 20150602_144933


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