My Normal Life

Jonas is My Hash Pipe

Ofcourse, right at this moment, I am currently drinking my Big Gulp. To me, it is my morning coffee. I have made it a daily ritual to go to a 7-11 just to purchase one. I must also get some scratch off lotto tickets, because I know that, today is my day to win big.

I am hearing outside all of the morning birds. They always seem to accumulate and hangout in the old pine tree by my living room window. They even now seem to be chirping along with Weezer, who is singing “Hash Pipe” on my TV. Amazing.

I love this band. They make me feel like I’m back in high school. Those were the good old days. I feel like I had more around me, there was more in my life. My floor was less filled with me and my pillow. I watched so many less hours of television. Those were my happier days.

I have my ways of making new friends these days. Tonight is another meet-up with them. These trivia nights I participate in just remind me that I did not pay much attention when in school. Or that I wasn’t taught all the proper are of knowledge. I prefer the latter, more.

I do feel these chums are becoming closer in my life. I will one day know most of their names, that being my only problem. But, people, you must remember that unless I see you on a constant repeat, you will not stick in my head. Unless I really like you.

In a few short hours, I have an appointment set to actually go see my own personal psychic today. I had seen her at the last psychic event I had attended, though she wasn’t the specific one I had sat down to see. She just came up to me as I was walking away, telling me how much tension and anger she was sensing in me, just from sitting near my table. She could feel all that was squished inside me waiting to burst out. I know all this. I know that I am a very easily irritated person in life these days. There is something inside me that needs to come out, and maybe she can help me find my happiness. Laugh if you must, but I believe in psychics, ghosts, all of this mumbo-jumbo.

Now, since you all must know, I must sing and dance along to “Jonas”. I really do love when more Weezer comes on.


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