My Normal Life

What Am I Waiting For?

10:41 am; I took a picture of my new favorite Starbucks flavor: S’mores Frappuccino. And I never get a Frappuccino. I always get a latte. I had to send this new, great news in my life to the only person that I knew would care, my sister. I set up the right angle to take a picture of this delicious coffee, snapped it and sent away. I sit here, 15 minutes later with no response. Apparently, she doesn’t care what I have to say about the coffee that she works with all day, every day.


I’m also waiting to see if she cares about my opinion on a new television serious she was asking the world of Facebook to begin watching the other night. I posted on her page, not expecting mine to be picked out at random, since she commented to no person. But when I take the time out of my overly busy schedule just to send a suggestion to her personally that could change the path of her life and I get nothing, it cuts me real deep.

She is not the only person I sit and wait, hour after hour, day after day for an answer from; Aman-DUH. A simple yes or no response would be nice once in a while when I ask you “How you doin?” I know you have nice thumbs. Or so I’ve heard.

Is it also wrong that I’m waiting for my crush to break up with his current girlfriend? Sure, sure, they look so happy whenever I’m witnessing them together, but I still think my hand would fit better inside his. I would look so much better sitting next to him. It happens every time, though. Just as I start to like a guy, BAM! He gets a girlfriend. Or as soon as I see a guy and the thoughts that he is the best looking guy in the room BOOM! A girl shows up out of nowhere and attaches herself to his hand.   That penny I threw in the wishing well, it will work.

dear cupid


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