My Normal Life

I Feel Like I Cannot…

Sing…but I’m not afraid to belt it all out. One of my favorite, seemingly monthly gatherings always involves karaoke. I get up on that stage and I sing those songs as loud as I can. I don’t care how horrible I may be, because to me, I’m the best voice there ever was.


I feel like I cannot…

Dance…but I’m not afraid to drop it like it’s hot. Every time I hear any song that I feel is right for me, I know that it’s telling me to shake what my mama gave me. I shake my bootie with pride. I may not have any other form of rhythm in me, but I will always have a whole lot of shaking going on.

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I feel like I cannot…

Be a parent…but I’m still planning my future. I still give my niece the biggest, longest hugs she’ll let me. I look forward to Fridays because I know that’s my day I get to spend with her. I get to watch her grow, teach her new things. Even though I’m nowhere near that point on my road in life, I still make a list of baby names. I still look around the baby departments whenever I’m in the store. I know that it will happen one day.

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I feel like I cannot…

Be happy…but I still keep a smile on my face. I crack a joke every now and again. I try to take out my stress and depressions in this form that your eyes are upon. And it works, most of the time.

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