My Normal Life

10 Things That Make Me Happy

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I have my up and down days.  We all do.  But even on my down days, I just have to give myself a quick glimpse in the mirror and think this.  As cocky as this sounds, I know that I can be awesome, granny pajama pants and everything else.


I try to look on the upside a lot.  It can be hard in my oh, so pessimistic family.  Yet, when I walk into the room and throw handfuls of glitter into every corner, our days always seem to brighten up.


Dogs make me smile.  Cats do, too.  They can do any spontaneous thing and anyone would be cracking up, even on their lowest days.  I could just be sitting on my couch, trying to cheer myself up with my television, then my dog walks into the room and just places herself onto my lap.  My glooms immediately begin to leave me.


This is also the perks of having a good mirror.  I am never ashamed to shake what my mother has given me.  On my random karaoke nights, I also like to get up on the stage and sing about the beauty that is my booty.


I never like to gloat.  But I do like to express in some way how much I feel that my talent is improving.   Whenever I have a new project, excitement begins to fill me.  I can never wait to pick out the colors, or begin the cutting of the glass.  It feels like so much more than just a hobby.  When my projects are finished, I feel like I finally have a talent, one thing in life that I am actually good at.

16383_10203514792725067_7772177751333281649_n (2)

Thelma is the first face that you see when you walk through the door.  She always runs to the door as soon as she can hear a key.  She rushes over and grabs the first toy she sees, then trots over just to say hello.  And she must say it to every person who is coming in.  When it’s time for relaxation, and late night television shows, she always find a way to snuggle as close as she can to you, if there’s no room on your lap of course.


I love Sal Vulcano like I was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in my junior high years.  When his show is on, I am drawn into his eyes, his humor, him.  I know that one day, we will be together.  I can feel it.


When I sing anywhere, I am performing.  This is why my new favorite group of friends is my karaoke group.  When I get up on that stage, I rap because I am the best old school, black man the world will ever see.

me 3

I make me happy.  I may never seem happy, but there is some of it deep down inside me, trying to constantly claw its way out of me.  This helps to make me happy.  Writing makes me happy.  Singing makes me happy. Complaining even makes me happy.


She makes me happy. Friday is my new favorite day of the week.  They are my Savannah Day’s.  I get to spend the whole day with her, every week.  She is teaching me so many new things in life.  Me, the grown up.  But you can learn a lot from a two year old.  Plus, she really does give the best hugs.


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