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We All Need To Just Move On Already

– Germany, 1930; Lili Elbe was the first know recipient of transgender surgery. Sadly, though, she died three months after.

– Christine Jorgensen, 1952; underwent transgender surgery.

– The first male-to-female surgery in the United States took place in 1966 at John Hopkins.

So, what does this all have to do with Bruce – sorry – CAITLYNN Jenner? She has had this same type of surgery. She has been able to make herself a real person. But, I suppose, in order to make her life easier, she has needed to shove all of it into America’s face every minute of every day for these past six months. Well thank you for trying to make it seem that you are the first and only person in this world who has had the balls to open this door in their life. Well, I’m sorry ma’am. You are way behind the times, so please, there are far more important issues to be dealing with.


If you begin typing into your Google search engine, it starts to throw out to you some ideas of what you might be looking for, to help you find it a little faster. You begin to type in the object and immediately, Kim Kardashian’s name pops up. But how really important is this news that I must take the busy time out of my overly empty day to read about her trash? Russel Simmons apparently thinks she’d be a better president than Donald Trump. She also made NPR listeners of “Wait, Wait” hate and dis the show just for having her as a guest. She made the listeners write in, telling the show their likes and respect for them has gone down. I can also see that now how she dresses during her pregnancy, that was also announced the day after it happened, is going to be thrown into our faces every five minutes. Not to mention, I do not understand why she feels the need to wear five inch heels when she reaches her nine month period? Searching through my Google again, I can see that is has been 45 whole minutes since they have posted a new article about her today. They really need to get with the times. If her just sitting on the toilet like a standard, normal person isn’t posted every five minutes, then our world just might be coming to an end. So please, media, shove her into my face some more!


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