My Normal Life

My Three Celebrity Crushes

My three celebrity crushes makes me feel like a teenage girl at times. I seriously still want to keep my walls covered with all of these men. I feel that if I ever came face to face with any of them, I would immediately burst into tears then fall to the ground with words unable to escape from my mouth. Utter embarrassment.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these guys, and they do come as a set? Sal Vulcano, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Joe Gatto. One is never without another. For instance, I am listening to Sal and Q as I write about them, right now. Their deep, rough Brooklyn voices sinking deeply into my mind, making my heart grow need for them. Even if their topic today is all about the Fast and Furious 7. I was somehow drawn into these four two years ago when their show began on TBS, but they’re now on TruTV. I know it was first Sal’s blue eyes that I saw, that I couldn’t look away from. You never forget those eyes. I forget the jokes, but never his eyes. I know, too, now that I began to develop feelings for the rest of them as well. Joe’s outrageous sense of humor. I know they’re a comedic group, but Joe is the most boisterous (Larry…Larry…LARRY!!!) He is also the beautifullest women I have ever seen, and I still want him. Then there is the cute, little Murr, the smallest of the four. He’s so tiny and cuddliest yet willing to walk around New York’s City naked. If he’s willing to do that, I can only imagine what he’s willing to do in the bedroom. I’m also still wondering if he kept all of his piercings. Now that I’m falling for Q, I know I would never leave him at the altar. Not to mention, he is so much better looking than Rosie O’Donald, especially when he has his beard.


As soon as I hear the clock strike eight on Thursday evenings, I know that it is time for my “Grey’s Anatomy”. This is also a time to watch the four other loves of my life Alex Carev, Mark Sloan, Jackson Avery, Owen Hunt and Derek Shepard. I know these aren’t real men, but in my mind, they can be my doctors anytime. The day Mark died was one of the most tragic days of my life. Then they had the audacity to kill off Derek Shepard! My heart still remains broken. Those eyes, that hair, their butts. However is a women supposed to move on with their life? I do still have my Hunt, Carev and Jackson. Dr. Hunt will run to anyone as soon as they need him yet he’s able to break down when he’s worked too hard, show his true feelings. Carev has feelings that he will always try to mend. He is the type of guy who wants to run and fix everything that is falling apart. Jackson also has those type of eyes that you get sucked into and can’t get out of.

d6564ed42c18cc52d90f13d67817f0ce (2)ca. 2006 --- Eric Dane --- Image by © Lance Staedler/Corbis Outline67c847bb8f1d2a4ae4a0b6b3e565e2fbuntitled (21)imagesLWRZC7GO

The other pair that I love whenever my eyes fall upon them is Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. When they are apart, sure they have their own cuteness on them, but when they are magnetic together, OH MY God! Their hotness fills the room. Hotness and humor. Both have the eyes that I cannot be drawn away from. Not to mention, JT has the voice that makes my skin shake as soon as it’s in the air, then when J-Fal begins to follow, my chills do not melt away.


It never matters which of these men were to ever choose me, for I would always go down his path. I love you all!


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